Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Documenting the Kindness of Strangers!

One of the wonderful things about being a small business making a widely used product like Badboy is the passion and loyalty of users who love the product so much that they put in their own time to contribute to it.   Whether it’s on the forum, blog posts or – in this case – not just one but two separate users who donated versions of the Badboy Documentation in Microsoft Word format for others to use.   In the end I had to choose which version to post on the web site – even though both were extremely professional and high quality and show an amazing level of care and attention to detail.   It is thanks to these two people that you can now find the Badboy Help downloadable in either PDF or Word format.  
I know from the frequent requests how useful it is to have the documentation in a format that is both printable and readable off line.   Thank you to the amazing Badboy users who made this possible!

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